Company Profile

Flatsoft Displays is a fast-growing communication technology company. Flatsoft’s proprietary technology & know-how provide turnkey advanced solutions for businesses and governments. 

Flatsoft’s own range of state-of-the-art frontier communication systems are robust and high-performing. They are developed and redesigned for various industrial needs in vast major applications. Flatsoft Displays was founded in 2005 in Singapore and fully expanded its business in Asia with expertise in the supply chain of high-tech integrated systems, operation and maintenance of digital related infrastructures. 

Flatsoft Marcom

Flatsoft has several main business categories such as Infocomm & CIT Solutions, Event e-Rentals for AV, Clouds OOH for Ads Commerce, and Enterprise & Hospitality Robotics system under Flatsoft Healthy.

Flatsoft Events provide a seamless ecosystem for all the commercial rental vendors specializing in conferences, events and exhibitions. Flatsoft Events have a rental booking feature and selection of equipments required at different locations. There is also a new introduction of Flatsoft TVs for commercial & office market with subscriptions based & rentals of large size LCD monitors. 

Flatsoft Clouds for OOH Ads Commerce & Flatsoft  Papers for rental of large format printers including 3D printers. And ultimately Flatsoft Displays is an open trading & e-supply chain commerce for the best selected suppliers & products for Infocomm & CIT globally or visit [  (upgrading in process) ].


Flatsoft Trusts

Flatsoft Trusts is currently offering an integrated investment fund in global media assets that enable investors to access the most sophisticated technology infrastructure portfolios. For Trusts, you can join us at

STRATEGY: Flatsoft Trusts put our tech know-how and operating experience to use to improve the long-term growth and profitability of our portfolio infrastructures. We seek strategic ownership opportunities that take advantage of our region's strong economic and demographic growth prospects and where our expertise allows us to make positive contributions. We believe that making our holdings strategically and financially stronger enhances their value and is the key to consistently generating consistent returns. This proposition - built on the concept of partnership and growth - appeals to owners/founders, entrepreneurs, family businesses and management teams who believe in our ability to help their companies succeed, and as a result, our partners often retain meaningful ownership interests to continue the growth journey with Flatsoft Trusts.

APPROACH: Flatsoft Trusts engage a highly disciplined investment approach grounded in thorough due diligence. We draw upon our algorithmic transaction and financing experience to balance a sharp focus on capital preservation with the delivery of consistent returns. Flatsoft Trusts targets technology segments which we believe offer the best private investment opportunities, characterised by high growth, global competitiveness, and the potential for transformational change. We strive to build a portfolio that is diverse in terms of transaction type and industry across the advanced and high tech Asian ecosystem and neighbouring countries such as Australia, Japan and China. With significant capital raised through our various closed ended funds, we have a deep pool of resources at our disposal, along with a global network of strategic relationships that allows us to act quickly on opportunities that we are convinced will benefit our investors.

Our exclusive access to these opportunities is enhanced by a network of prominent regional shareholders and a blue-chip collection of global institutional partners. Flatsoft Trusts work as a patient investor, typically holding investments for at least three to five years to give portfolio companies sufficient room to nuture and to produce consistent capital gains and robust internal rates of return.

IMPROVEMENT: Operational improvement is key to the value we create and we have a dedicated operations group, Excellence system integration & maintenance, to help maximise the performance of infrastructures which we invest in. We actively apply our expertise in our portfolio companies to accelerate their growth and empower them to achieve their strategic objectives. We emphasize operational health and flexibility above all, encouraging the use of at most modest financial leverage so that debt obligations do not impede the realization of growth plans. Instead of relying on financial engineering to achieve outsized returns, we assist our partners in developing and delivering value-creating initiatives in areas such as sales, manufacturing, human resources and financial planning. Flatsoft Trusts also provide our portfolio companies support for transactions such as mergers and acquisitions and capital-raising. These efforts help drive revenue growth, control expenses and maximise profitability across our portfolio.

Investor Relations:

For other enquiry, you may contact Flatsoft at 

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T: +886-22591-6510