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With the advent of interactive technology and its current robust development, Flatsoft Displays have become an essential business tool that is enticing on visual technology for smarter branding and marketing. Hence, there is a growing necessity for companies from a wide range of industries such as F&B, retail and consumer service to keep themselves ahead of the competition by delighting their customers with brilliant display technology that speaks and impresses.

SOFTRON series is versatile, high performance Intelligent LED display system. It’s a premium green technology display design with high brightness & color quality for optimal performance. It fulfills a variety of outdoor large public display designs & requirements.


Main Feature

PANEL SOFTRON VIEW avs video control


With its selection of fine pich resolution (P4.0 – P20) both indoor & outdoor water-proof option, hight controller processing power and advanced calibration features. SOFTRON dispalay offers unbeatable light output and unsurpassed color depth and uniformity

User has varios choices of input compatibility with HDMI, VGA, DVI, Cat5e, S-Video, SDI and video daisy-chain feature. Communication ports come with RS232C and LAN/Ethernet port to enable long distance connectivity up to 100 meters.

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Advanced external video processor or matrix switch (optional) is integrated to enable seamless switching and efficient management of multiple multimedia equipment.

With low tempearture Real(consist of trillion display color)Light Emitting Diode (LED) and minimum heat dissipation design reduce power loss & prolong lifespan up to 100,000 hours for continuous operation 24/7.


SOFTRON Intelligent Function (N-DSM Coda Intelligent Display Web Apps & Management)

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SOFTRON Displays Series

display series

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