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Flatsoft Advertising Ecosystem  (ASEAN)
Definition: It’s a seamless advertising control interface that can be provided as a service in ASEAN (South East Asia with 600 million population, ~ $180 Billion  advertising market according to Global Industry Analyst Inc. i.e. 2nd to the U.S.)  with significant cost effectiveness and subscription concept for a seamless digital display advertising on buildings, trains, taxis, buses and mass mobility systems.

Advertising companies will be able to login from their smartphone, notebook and other mobile devices without the need to buy the software. Definitely you need a login and password from ” Flatsoft Advertising Ecosystem”. The Flatsoft cloud application is borderless, seamless and limitless. The actual forecast of the increase and scale for display hardwares and systems requirements here in Asean are huge as the advertising companies, agencies and advertisers are focusing more on the dimension, efficient, lean technology and “targeted” mass exposure of the displays themselves which are the main selling point and revenue.

The whole integrated seamless advertising ecosystem is cloud based services which support the selection, scheduling, location (static & dynamic), status, transaction, pricing, taxation, approval (multi-levels), and delivery of advertising and ad-related content and the whole process is approximately real time from one continent to another.

Flatsoft design, develop, manufacture, distribute, operate, lease, install and deploy  as well as maintenance for the technology, hardware, software for Flatsoft Cloud Advertising systems as the pioneer in the digital advanced display & advertising technology. Advertising agencies are able to leverage on Flatsoft display technology to provide more information, ads varieties and more importantly efficient transactions to their valued clients from anywhere globally.


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courtesy of Flatsoft cloud advertising picture (original)



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