G313: Green DID


Green DID is the application of green design principles to latest display technology with reduction of non-environmentally materials & hazardous substances.

Flatsoft G313 DID displays are designed with simplicity & minimization.  Like the old Chinese Master Lao Tzu, we believe “simplicity” is the key understanding of design by following the laws of nature.  G313 combines HD resolution and unparalleled display quality in a large format for custom initiatives & green buildings.

open frame lcdgr


green technologies






1920 x 1080

Full HD

1920 x 1080

Full HD

1920 x 1080

Full HD


500 nits

500 nits

500 nits

Viewing Angle

1760 / 1760

1760 / 1760

1760 / 1760





HDMI 1.3 x 4/VGA/IRout/SPDIF

Optional I/O




green technologies

openframe lcd

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DSM: Integrated digital signage system
Markesa: Open-frame LCD

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Custom Shape LCD: S-LCD


Shape-it! S-LCD technology is the most innovative solution today for unlimited customization of “LCD Shape” & unique screen geometry in the commercial sector.

The technology has provided many possibilities to fulfill the explosive growth of custom & specific applications such as digital advertising in the train(s), gaming monitors, video walls and other mainstream industrial displays. Flatsoft has taken a true initiative to introduce S-LCD technology in the South-East-Asia (SEA/ASEAN) & Pacific markets since August 2008.


SLCD-Oval Features & Benefits:

f&b> Model: Oval
f&b> Diameter: 400mm
f&b> Height: 250mm
f&b(Other geometry is welcome)
f&b> Resolution: 1366 x RGB x 768
f&b> Optimal full color display
f&b> Contrast Ratio: 300 : 1
f&b> Plug & play
f&b> Inputs: Digital/ Analog/ PC
f&b> International Warranty
f&b> For custom specs contact sales@flatsoftglobal.com



K-SERIES “Professional LCD Screens”


K-Series LCD screens are designed for business & professional requirements. The key features such as rugged metal housing, uniform surrounding bezel/frame, front protective glass, and ultra-high brightness have set K-Series distinctively apart from standard consumer screens. (What you should look for: Flatsoft Customer Value Propositions)______________________________


portrait portrait2 portrait3 portrait4

K- SERIES Portrait LCD


KT-FS82P*** – NEW! 82” Portrait High Definition LCD
|TFT-LCD|82”| Full HD 1920 x1080 |
| 8ms GTG | C/R 1200:1 | BR700 cd/m2 |
| S-Video; Component HDMI; DVI; CVBS ½ |
| *Touch feature optional |

KT-FS70P*** – NEW!  70” Portrait High-Definition LCD
| TFT-LCD | 70” | Full HD 1920 x1080 |
| 8msGTG| C/R 1500:1 | BR700 cd/m2 |
| S-Video; Component HDMI; DVI; CVBS ½ |
| *Touch feature optional |


KT-FS57P*** – NEW! 57” Portrait High-Definition LCD
| TFT-LCD | 57” | Full HD 1920 x1080 |
| 8ms GTG | C/R 1200:1 | BR700 cd/m2 |
| S-Video; Component HDMI; DVI; CVBS ½ |
| *Touch feature optional |


KT-FS52P*** – CLASS 52” Portrait High Definition LCD
| TFT-LCD | 52” | Full HD 1920 x1080 |
| 8ms GTG | C/R 1700:1 | BR700 cd/m2 |
| S-Video; Component HDMI; DVI; CVBS ½ |
| *Touch feature optional |


More K-SERIES Portrait LCD >> 46″; 42″ & 40″
Available S-SERIES Portrait LCD >> 65″ only



BUNAKEN: Marine Display


New Marine LCD System
Marine LCD Singapore

Bunaken flatscreen LCD system is designed to suit the applications such as yacht, ship-automation, ARPA system, ECDIS, on-board entertainment, automatic-identification-system, general surveillance system in the maritime & offshore industries.
Marine LCD Singapore

Marine LCD Singapore


  Key features:

> High performance & low power consumption
> Interactive water resistant touch function
> Auto-adjust brightness level
Shock & water  resistant
> Built-in hyper-dimming technology
> 24V DC to DC input acceptable
(Optional: AC power)

Marine LCD singapore

Marine LCD indonesia


[Image: 19” Bunaken All-in-one LCD for marine applications] 


dnc     All Marine flatscreen LCD series are designed and tested
according to DNV Standard for Certification 2.4,
IEC60945 and IACS-E10 and currently certified by
Det Norske Veritas Classification AS (DNV).

Marine LCD Indonesia

Marine LCD Singapore

For immediate quotation & product data-sheet, kindly email directly to sales@flatsoftglobal.com or call +65.6547.8312; fax +65.6547.8506


AQUA: Water-Resistant LCD


AQUA display is the latest Full-HD display with water-resistant technology. It’s a combination of innovations & high-precision technologies. It’s suitable for outdoor digital information and advertising display with Sun view technology, more than 2000 nits high brightness BLU.

The goal is to fulfill the rapidly increasing demands for higher-specs. liquid crystal displays in non-conventional outdoor environment such as high moisture & wet condition. The design parameters are including dust proof, anti-vandal feature. AQUA displays comes with options of sizes: 23″, 42″ , 55″, 72″, 80″.


Features & Benefits:

> Available size 23″ , 42″, 55″, 72″, 80″ 

> Resolution Full-HD 1920 x 1080
> Contrast: 1000:1(typ); brightness > 2000 (or higher)
> TV input: PAL, NTSC, SECAM
> Water-resistant: IPX6

> Induction touch key
> Built-in wireless TV-signal receiver

> Material: Alloy and glass
> Available for customized mounting and standing design
> For detail specs contact us at sales@flatsoftglobal.com

[Image: 17″ AQUA LCD with water-resistant technology]

Additional requirements:




More customized designs:
> Screen size 19″, 23″ & 32″
> Sunlight readable technologies for outdoor-use
> Wireless signal connection
> Heat & shock resistant
> Corrosive resistant
> For detailed specs, contact sales@flatsoftglobal.com
(Telp: +65 6547 8312; Fax: +65 6547 8596)


FPD Series: Flatpanel Gaming Display


Flatsoft FPD Gaming Series offer the new line of high definition (HD) TFT display module, which can fulfill the growing need for exciting digital visual displays on casino floor.

Latest designed FPD modules can both cater for 24/7 lively animation shows, custom messengers, and incrementing jackpots as well as show the game outcome such as roulette tables, Punto Banco & Black Jack. Ultimately it makes tables more exciting, attracting more players and increasing the action on tables.



___Features & Specifications:

___> FPD-410 Series (4.1″)
___> Brightness ~ 230cd/m2
___> With optional Touch
Active area ~ 89.28mm x 50.592mm
___> Viewing Angle 89/89/89/89
Supported by Video input ~ SVGA
___> Other available sizes 4.3″/ 6.2″/ 6.4″/ 7″
___> For details specs, contact us at sales@flatsoftglobal.com

P[Image: FPD-410 Series, 4.1″ display with Player Tracking Display]

lcd32inch___Features & Specifications:

___> FPD-3200 Series (32″)
___> Brightness ~ 450cd/m2
___> Contrast ratio 1000:1 and aspect ratio 16:9
___> With optional Touch
___> Active area ~ 760.0mm x 450.0mm
___> Viewing Angle 89/89/89/89
___> Supported by Video Input VGA ~ WXGA
___> Other available sizes 17″/ 19″/ 20.1″/ 22″/ 23″/ 26″
___> For detail specs, contact us at sales@flatsoftglobal.com

[Image: FPD-3200 Series, 32″ display with Primary Main Display]

SAMPGUITA: mini-display

SAMPGUITA: “Slim & small” high quality display

minidisplays1 The introduction of mini-display ‘Sampguita’ is enhanced with the new technology of LED (Light Emitting Diodes) as the light source for the backlights. Besides its higher luminance/brightness, LED backlights can further minimize power consumption of LCD.

Flatsoft Displays introduce the two popular sizes of Sampguita in the regional market i.e. 7.0 inch & 8.4 inch.


Sampguita’s Specifications:

Screensize: 7” (16:9)

Resolution: 800 x 480

C/R: 300:1 (typ)

Brigthness (cd/m2): 400:1 (typ)

Other: Touchscreen function

[minidisplay available in our Asean-Pacific sales-representatives, orders have to be made in advance due to limited supplies, for more details contact: sales@flatsoftglobal.com or call +65.6547.8508; fax +65.6547.8596]

Medical Monitors : CL & IP Series


Today’s advanced medical imaging displays are the result of decades of display design experience for commercial & medical communities. And our core focus is on performance & reliability.

CL & IP – Series medical monitors are the new generation of high-performance medical displays. Each & every model delivers ultra high-resolution, high luminance, ultra-crisp images and available in grayscale or color with 1.3 – 3.1 million sub-pixel drive.

clinical Features & Benefits:

> Model Name: CL-Series

> Panel: 19″ Active Matrix LCD

> Resolution: 1.3M Sub-Pixel
> Luminance: 250 nit
> Input Signal: DVI 1.0 Analog RGB, SDI,
RGB Component x 2, Composite, S-Video

Regulations: FCC Class A, CB IEC60601-1,
CE EN60601-1-2:2001, UL2601-1

Medical monitor singapore
Medical monitor singapore
Medical monitor Singapore
Medical monitor singapore


Features & Benefits:

> Model Name: IP-Series

> Panel: 21.3″ Active Matrix LCD

> Resolution: 3.1M Sub-Pixel
> Luminance: 1000 nit
> Input Signal: DVI – D
> Contrast Ratio: 5000:1
Regulations: FCC Class A, CB IEC60601-1,
CE EN60601-1-2:2001, UL2601-1

Medical monitor Singapore

Best Image Display in Endoscopic Surgery


Introduction to Medical Display Solutions


Advances in the technology of optical displays have changed the way surgeons are able to manage different illnesses. Minimally invasive surgery encompasses a wide range of endoscopic procedures, whereby the body cavity (abdomen, thorax, gastrointestinal tract, and joint spaces) is accessed through small incisions and the use of telescopes and fine, long instruments.

[Image: Flatpanel display application in OT] by Brown medical school, moderation by editor@flatsoftdisplays.com)

These techniques have rapidly gained in popularity during the last decades, as patients are experiencing less discomfort after surgery. Visualization of the operative field requires optimal image capture, processing, and display.

The introduction of charge-coupled devices has enabled surgeons to view the operative field on a video monitor, allowing ever-more-complex operations to be performed endoscopically. However, limitations include loss of 3-D perception and tactile sense, poor ergonomics, often suboptimal positioning of the image display and image quality that is too dependent on outside influences. These limitations, and possible solutions, are addressed as the “ideal” system for endoscopic surgery. (more…)

What a COLORFUL World

Introduction to Liquid Crystal Display (LCD)
“The world is flat now”

Color displays has become a part of everyday life. From televisions to PC monitors to automobile dashboards and even aircraft-cockpit instruments, the (once) ubiquitous color cathode-ray tube (CRT) introduced modern color technology into our lives. With the advent of the shadow-mask color CRT around 1950 and the widespread introduction of color television in the late 1950 and 1960s, color display technology achieved important status.

[Image: Custom design ColorTFT-LCD module for commercial applications] Article by Louis D. Silverstein,  moderation by editor@flatsoftdisplays.com

Bulky Displays: Color television continued to evolve and with it came heightened interest in other applications for electronic color imaging. However, despite the popularity and relative maturity of color television, most information-display and graphics-imaging applications were constrained to monochromatic bulky display devices until the mid to late 1970s. The widespread use of color dipslays awaited the ready availability of computers and particularly the astonishingly rapid developments in microprocessors and personal computers that began in the late 1970s and early 1980s. And at this moment the new generation of display “flat & slim”, color LCD, has been part of our every day lives.