F787-SMGT: POS, Card Reader & KIOSK Systems

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F787-SMGT: POS, Card Reader & KIOSK “All-in-One” Advanced System

F787 Seamless Interactive Surface Touch is the innovative system to provide enterprises & users with a holistic and integrated approach to scan, read, verify, order, pay, digitally campaign, feedback and interact with the integrated “all-in-one” multi-function system. The latest design is equipped with ten (10) points surface touch technology for the unmatched user experience. It’s a water resistant design and highly practical in today’s environment.

Nowadays enterprises, government & private can start a digital campaign implemented across a broad spectrum of devices and F787 kiosks sync-ed with flash card, finger, retina, mobile phone and keeping up with all social medias, ecommerce and digital bandwagon which are part of customers’ expectation which in turn these give your upper hands. Email to our project expert team at 1800@flatsoftglobal.com.

Real applications: Bank, Hospital, Station, Schools, and Election Post, Retail Store.

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Video clip is a courtesy of McD Chains


Flatsoft kiosk pos

Tags: Flatsoft F787 for ITE Singapore Project, courtesy of ITE & MOE.

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Flatsoft smart pos kiosk singapore

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Retail Solutions

Retail Solutions for The Smart Way


Smarter in-store promotions help retailers reduce costs so they can invest in activities that grow their business. A key area for growth is finding ways to be more competitive. By offering new ways to communicate boldly & digitally, retailers can stand out from the competition.

With the latest “digital visual merchandizing”, retailers can gain the competitive edge and improve profit margins. It all starts with a smarter display technology for communication & promotion system that entices customers into their stores and create a lasting brand experience.

Opportunities to improve margins & sales exist in fine tuning operations and dynamic marketing, such as:

  • Improving communication delivery dynamically
  • Reducing loss from promotional material wastage by going digital
  • Enhancing customers shopping experience with visual-display technology
  • Leveraging the use of technology with existing  creative store concept

What Flatsoft Offers:

Flatsoft retail solutions consist of hardware & software applications and adds other options as you need them. Our certified partners & integrators will implement according to your highest priority & need. If you are interested in deploying Flatsoft retail solutions, feel free to contact us at sales@flatsoftglobal.com.

Digital Menu Board

Flatsoft Digital menu boards (Flatsoft Menu) replace traditional light-box restaurant menu boards.  We have designed Flatsoft menu system to work specifically for a Seamless digital menu board  applications. If you wish to have a menu that will change dynamically which giving you flexibility over breakfast, lunch and dinner items, you have come to the right place.

Flatsoft Menu offers live engaging content which is better suited for catching the eyes and attention of those waiting to be served. Flatsoft can increase product sales by promoting specific menu items and improve ambiance. This has been proven, in some cases, to lift sales significantly.

Digital Wall Poster

A much larger & stunning digital wall poster (Flatsoft Wall) has various configuration options available and can also be used as digital visual merchandising to suit any retail concept & design in imaginative, traffic-stopping formations.

High definition Flatsoft Wall can be used to show video of virtual fashion models with latest collections or other custom marketing video clips. Flatsoft Wall provide the right solution for large high definition in-store display that operating in low temperature, user-friendly operation and least of maintenance.

Interactive Touch Cataloque

Deploy point of sale (POS) and self-service pay stations with advanced payment options.

Interactive Touch Customer Feedback

Digital surveillance systems throughout the store and fraud detection analysis prevents losses.

Network Digital Signage & Promotion Management

True enterprise business integration of POS and e-commerce applications that scale as you add new channels. Add or replace an e-commerce platform for better performance and more sales.

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