F787-SMGT: POS, Card Reader & KIOSK Systems

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F787-SMGT: POS, Card Reader & KIOSK “All-in-One” Advanced System

F787 Seamless Interactive Surface Touch is the innovative system to provide enterprises & users with a holistic and integrated approach to scan, read, verify, order, pay, digitally campaign, feedback and interact with the integrated “all-in-one” multi-function system. The latest design is equipped with ten (10) points surface touch technology for the unmatched user experience. It’s a water resistant design and highly practical in today’s environment.

Nowadays enterprises, government & private can start a digital campaign implemented across a broad spectrum of devices and F787 kiosks sync-ed with flash card, finger, retina, mobile phone and keeping up with all social medias, ecommerce and digital bandwagon which are part of customers’ expectation which in turn these give your upper hands. Email to our project expert team at 1800@flatsoftglobal.com.

Real applications: Bank, Hospital, Station, Schools, and Election Post, Retail Store.

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Tags: Flatsoft F787 for ITE Singapore Project, courtesy of ITE & MOE.

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Flatsoft smart pos kiosk singapore

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