Flatsoft at Meyer Melbourne

A $500 million redevelopment to Melbourne’s retail precinct will be the final link in a series of upgrades to the city centre, creating up to 2500 construction jobs and building on Melbourne’s reputation for outstanding shopping, cafés, restaurants, food and wine in Australia.</strong>

The Myer redevelopment and major Myer precinct upgrade in the heart of the city will marry the significant heritage features of the site with contemporary urban architecture.

Stage 1 of the Myer retail development was approved in November 2007 and works are well underway, with the completion of the full project due by Christmas 2012.

The amendment to the Melbourne Planning Scheme has paved the way for about 42,000 square metres of retail floor space, and about 31,000 square metres of commercial floor space in the Lonsdale Street to Little Bourke Street block in the city centre.

Photo: Meyer Melbourne entrance at Bourke St. (Nov. 2010)

Victorian Premier John Brumby said the development highlighted the confidence businesses have in Victoria and the Victorian economy.

“The ‘Emporium Melbourne’ project will complete the rejuvenation of Myer Melbourne and provide the final link in the chain of upgrades from the Myer Bourke Street and David Jones stores, through to Melbourne Central and QV.

“Emporium Melbourne will enable Melbourne to reinforce its position as a world-class retail and cultural destination,” he said.

Implementation: (2×4 video wall configuration) consists of 8 portrait panels of F380i Series Seamless were setup by our technical partner BED Sydney in November of 2010 at Meyer Melbourne as part of the latest retail design &amp; concept in Australia.

The Flatsoft large digital signage system which meant to show the latest Dior products &amp; promotions, has 2.4 meter x 2.0 meter in total length &amp; height of active display area in a unique curvature platform. In turn, that results in its highest display quality at native resolution of 3,072 x 2,732 (8.4 Million Pixels “Mega HD”).

Article courtesy of invest.vic.gov.au &amp; myer.com.au, with moderation of editor@flatsoftdisplays.com.

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F380i-Digital Signage and Video Wall Available in Australia

F380i–Galaxy 55″ TRU-HD LED Video Wall Enables Creation of Giant Matrix (n) of Native FULL HD (1080p) Total Display Resolutions.

Flatsoft continues to set the bar in the advanced display design & technology. By leveraging on low temperature Super-V-patterned SEAMLESS (5.5mm b-b) TFT-LCD, is able to offer a large visual solution that is part of the latest mainstream video wall display revolution. Designed for high display performance, F380i-Galaxy 55 is opening a vast new market opportunities for dedicated integrators & ‘true’ digital visual system specialists in the region.

Key Features:

> Seamless 5.5mm Bezel
(bezel to bezel adjacently)

> Premium LED BLU Technology

> EX-SLIM Design ~95mm Depth

> 55 inch FULL HD Native
(1920 x 1080p per panel x n)

> Prolonged LED-LIFE for 24/7
( > 100,000 Hrs continuously)

> Green LED Technology
(Energy saving & mercury FREE)

> Including F380i Technologies:
Multi-View Ctrl. Program I/O DVI;
Daisy-Chain Blending;
No Burn-in

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F380i + FAS: Seamless HD Video Wall with ‘Infinite Access’


Background courtesy of Avatar official movie

F380i + FAS combines a seamless bezel design and an infinite access system that result in another breakthrough for the latest slim HD video wall solution.
FAS infinite access system is designed to allow highly efficient in-wall service & simplified maintenance without increasing the depth of video wall orthogonally, as opposed to conventional cube that requires up to 80% more clearance. When panels do need to be serviced, it can be accomplished without removing other panels in the wall. Panels can be pulled out from the front into service mode, realising ‘infinite’ accessibility.


FAS infinite access Advantages :

  • Minimal installation space

  • Simplified maintenance & highly efficient servicing

  • Free & unlimited matrix configuration

  • Reduce downtime

[Image: New F380i+FAS design: 2 x 2 matrices with Seamless 46″
SPVA-TFT-LCD, all images are for mere illustration only]

spech for f787 post-01-01

*Above Specifications may be subject to revision without prior notice


Showcase & Demo:

FAS Installing manual rev3


FPD Series: Flatpanel Gaming Display


Flatsoft FPD Gaming Series offer the new line of high definition (HD) TFT display module, which can fulfill the growing need for exciting digital visual displays on casino floor.

Latest designed FPD modules can both cater for 24/7 lively animation shows, custom messengers, and incrementing jackpots as well as show the game outcome such as roulette tables, Punto Banco & Black Jack. Ultimately it makes tables more exciting, attracting more players and increasing the action on tables.



___Features & Specifications:

___> FPD-410 Series (4.1″)
___> Brightness ~ 230cd/m2
___> With optional Touch
Active area ~ 89.28mm x 50.592mm
___> Viewing Angle 89/89/89/89
Supported by Video input ~ SVGA
___> Other available sizes 4.3″/ 6.2″/ 6.4″/ 7″
___> For details specs, contact us at sales@flatsoftglobal.com

P[Image: FPD-410 Series, 4.1″ display with Player Tracking Display]

lcd32inch___Features & Specifications:

___> FPD-3200 Series (32″)
___> Brightness ~ 450cd/m2
___> Contrast ratio 1000:1 and aspect ratio 16:9
___> With optional Touch
___> Active area ~ 760.0mm x 450.0mm
___> Viewing Angle 89/89/89/89
___> Supported by Video Input VGA ~ WXGA
___> Other available sizes 17″/ 19″/ 20.1″/ 22″/ 23″/ 26″
___> For detail specs, contact us at sales@flatsoftglobal.com

[Image: FPD-3200 Series, 32″ display with Primary Main Display]

VISION*ARTS: Designer Entertainment Displays


Art over technology! The digital Vision*arts system is designed to conceal LCD screen with museum-quality, fine-art prints in designer frames when not in use, now can sound as good as it looks.

Features & benefits:

> High-performance speaker
system in a unique enclosure
below the screen (fully braced
& sealed enclosure).

> When the vision*arts fine-art
print isretracted to reveal the
television, the speakers are
masked from view with black-
matte to enhance viewing.

> Offers dynamic, high-fidelity
sound without the need for
other in-wall speakers.

(Image: 65″ Vision*Arts cum built-in wall speakers)

Premium Applications:

Ideal for high-end residential use, hotels, conference rooms, as well as other commercial applications.
It can be used full-range in smaller venues or in-home applications or with a subwoofer and additional side speakers to create an impressive home theater experience in larger rooms.


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