lcd led digital signageSISTEM

  • Android or DSM standalone Operation System

lcd led digital sign

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F380i: Slim & Seamless HD Video Wall
F787: HD Multi-Touchscreen
K-SERIES: Professional LCD screen series
DSM: Integrated digital signage system

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f24 divice

f24 outstanding


  • Android/CMS Software Built-in


F24 2-01

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Retail Technology Solution

retail solution

Branding, Customization, SoftwareSystem & Implemantion

More than just screen,

With the advent of interactive technology and its current robust development, Flatsoft Displays have become an essential business tool that is enticing on visual technology for smarter branding and marketing.
Hence, there is a growing necessity for companies from a wide range of industries such as F&B, retail and consumer service to keep themselves ahead of the competition by delighting their customers with brilliant display technology that speaks and impresses.


retail video wall 1


retail digtal signage

retail Comercial DID

retail multi touch

Showcase and Demo

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F-PC: All-in-One LCD PC


Embedded digital signage with gigahertz processor provides outstanding computing power to handle any cutting-edge digital signage software & application.

F-PC is a powerful digital signage device. A dynamic embedded CPU drives your digital signage display. It’s designed to handle high-performance digital media content as well as 3D applications.
It’s perfect for displaying content according to an advanced predefined play list through network input based on Windows or Linux.





  F-PC-01-02-01 Features

  • Industrial grade PC & touch sensor
  • In-build/detachable PC & touch solution
  • Landscape/Portrait Compatible
  • Robust housing
  • Protection Glass (4mm/6mm)
  • Ambient bright control
  • Automatic Temperature control
  • Burn-in Free LCD screen
  • Line-Up : 26″/32″/40″/42″/46″


*New big sreen sizes available : 55″/70″/82″
*Touchsreen optimal

Computer Platfoam : In-built/Detachable solution

com platfoam in built detachable2-01-01-01
**Custom solution available such as AMD/VIA processor


N-DSM: Network Digital Signage


N-DSM offers efficient solutions for strong group management of large number of digital signage screens. The digital content can be automatically updated via internet, LAN, wireless (WiFi), & GPRS from one single central PC/server.

N-DSM is a combination of innovative hardware-software solution. Each of the standalone digital signage screens has an embedded network engine to receive & store data automatically. A default software & user-friendly interface “FMSO” for content management is provided according to various requirements such as the size of group, layout, & type of media playback.> Real time RSS feed
> Layout designer feature (Multiple Zones)
> Cloud Content management
> HDCP Compliance
> Client billing log (optional)
> Live input (optional)
> Flash content support (optional)
> Dynamic HTML webpage (optional)
> Software development kit & APK (optional)
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Digital Signage Singapore, Orchard, Marina Bay, Suntec City


DSM: Integrated Digital Signage

DSM Digital Signage is the most feasible standalone digital advertising & promotion signage system with embedded powerful playing engine to guarantee a stable 24/7 playback of high quality multimedia such as graphics, videos, & audio files.

The all-in-one digital signage is designed with a compact & integrated system, which consists of LCD with built-in media-player engine. DSM allows users to easily download multimedia contents by using SD memory card or USB-drive and start auto-slideshow mode. It’s an absolute innovative solution as compared to other conventional & inefficient method of connecting media contents from a PC or laptop to an LCD screen.

Other features: Optional feature allows user(s) to manage your clients both through wireless LAN and Cloud Technology. For more details refer to Network Digital Signage “N-DSM“.

Flatsoft introduces and deploys Digital signage and advanced visual promotion systems for retail technology solutions in mainly Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Brunei, Indonesia, Myanmar, Laos, and Cambodia.

Operating Procedure:

dsm digital signage

Illustration of Novice Entry of Digital Signage in the beginning of 2008


Retail digital signage solutions:

Applications of digital signage and advertising promotion display in retail environment is important, particularly using Singapore dynamic environment as a role model for the region. In some environment, the requirement for outdoor weather proof digital signage is particularly more significant.

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Show and Demo of Digital Sign


Unlocking the ULTIMATE Capabilities of Digital Signage

Introduction to Digital Signage Technology

If digital signage (electronic ads) is to achieve maximum effect, it must first grab the attention of the viewer. It can be fun too, but fun alone is not enough, since advertisers are in the marketing business for one purpose only – to sell more products. Here, we describe an experiment in attention grabbing. It WORKS! It’s fun. But how will it translate into a business benefit?

Technological development is changing the ways viewer interacts with displays and their intended content. In particular increasing availability of wireless and sensor technology makes a broader range of human-computer interaction possible. By using these new sensor technologies, we can develop new forms of interaction in “invisible” environments, using “smart” inhabitable spaces to interact with context-sensitive applications.

Importantly, screen size is changing simultaneously in both directions – the smallest screens are getting smaller and the biggest are getting bigger but they could be really slim in term of thickness. Flatscreens of ever-increasing quality are being integrated into various objects encountered in our normal daily lives. Large digital screens are also increasingly used in outdoor area, enabling public viewing.

[Image: 46″ outdoor LCD] by Daniel M & Florian R, moderation by editor@flatsoftdisplays.com

Furthermore, the ubiquitous availability of network communication technology has completely freed up the ways in which we can interact with the displays. For example, interaction is no longer linked to a specific locality where keyboard or touch screen might be located, but now can happen wherever a display can interact with a mobile phone. The interaction between man & machine takes place during our leisure time, in art, and in culture.

The central function of most interfaces such as flatscreens is no longer limited to supporting the user in performing task, but rather has shifted toward interfaces that are entertaining, aesthetically pleasing, expressive, creative, culturally relevant and even provocative.

Based on the technological developments mentioned above, we will now present and discuss an interactive media facade in Berlin conceptually developed and evaluated in 2006. The interaction design was based on an attempt to introduce known and familiar interaction to the world of digital media in public spaces.

(There are significantly growing numbers of interactive digital large media display here in Asean & Pacifics yet)

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