Digital Advertising Trends & Benefits

digital media wall

digital media wall

Trend of Digital New Media
We are surrounded by advertising on all sides. Whether on TV, newspapers, magazines or the internet the sale of advertising space has never been as relevant as today. With so much space available to advertise you need to identify your audience well in order to detect what it consumes and how it can be impacted by your business.

Digital signage is the platform that explores monitor networks across the city with the ability to reach large groups of potential consumers by publicizing their brand and making their products and services recognizable to a huge market share.

Integrate the routine of potential consumers
One of the biggest advantages that your business has when choosing digital signage is the volume of people who are impacted by this type of media daily. Imagine the routine of an ordinary person and the amount of opportunities your brand has to make a good impression by being present in their day to day life by talking to them in lifts, malls, the gym and wherever you can imagine.
These media are integrated into the everyday life of these consumers and are seen several times a day in their trips around the city, and can be segmented into niches according to the places that their potential customers attend in an agile way and with visual quality guaranteed for being a Digital system.

Participate in the purchase decision
Advertising in digital signage is advantageous because these media are more efficient at the time of promoting the purchase decision. Usually located in commercial environments, such as shopping malls and supermarkets, are the chance to remember at the right time.
Often we are impacted by a brand on the internet, but by the time we arrive at the supermarket gondolas this does not become an acquisition. When your advertising is present at the point of sale it is much stronger in convincing of the attributes of your product, which can be checked closely and acquired on time.

Get more views on every real invested
Digital signage offers an excellent cost-benefit for investors, who achieve a cost per impression more advantageous than in traditional vehicles like newspapers and magazines. While in these media the client has the expectation of individually impacting here he vertiginously multiplies his chances of being seen, with each impression can reach a few dozen people at the same time.

Get more reach from your ad space
Although TV, newspapers, magazines and the Internet are part of the routine of most Brazilians, these media have a relatively low impact compared to digital signage systems. These offer about 60% more reach than traditional media, precisely because it is integrated into the media.
This advertising is not seen as intrusive by users, who are attracted voluntarily by their content unlike commercials and online ads that can be placed between the user and the information.
There are countless benefits you can get from an ad space like digital murals. Present in large urban centers they positively impact the economically active population and directly influence the purchasing decision. Were you full of ideas to integrate this media in your next campaigns?

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LED CUBE Malaysia, Philippine, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam



MIT Product Design & Development

Group Photon MIT Boston

Flatsoft Displays Profile & Reference

Flatsoft Displays Profile & Reference

Flatsoft Displays Inc. is the market leader in advanced smart display solutions for data center, network operation center, security control center, transportation control facility and enterprise conference room. The main applications of Flatsoft Displays are integrated conferencing systems , interactive touch video walls, digital building directories, digital signage systems, cloud advertising displays, robotics LCD and smart industrial solutions. For more details 



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Flatsoft Services & CLOUD Advertising

content digital signage


Let us create and manage your content

Whether you need to augment your own creative staff or need complete content creation services, Flatsoft Services and Cloud Advertising Solutions can help. Our team understands the essentials of communicating effectively. It has to be high impact, efficient and targeted. They are master wordsmiths and talented illustrators, who will work with you to plan, design, create, deploy, and maintain high-quality content for your digital signage and outdoor advertising deployment ensuring your communication goals are met. With Flatsoft Cloud advertising solutions, We offer borderless and efficient digital promotion management and outdoor advertising deployment as well as  maintenance packages regionally to ensure your message and offers stay relevant and timely. For instance, with a simple click from Europe, we can run a high impact and targeted advertising campaign with your brand on the whole down town building which is digitally wrapped with display in Jakarta.


Assessments and site surveys

Our technologist & crew will meet with your stakeholders to determine needs and understand challenges at hand—including visiting actual locations that make the most sense for digital implementation.


Design and implementation

Solutions are crafted and customized to suit your unique needs. We’ll listen, research, and present options intended to help you drive results and meet the goals you want to achieve. Once Flatsoft Cloud advertising architecture meets your approval, we’ll schedule necessary installations based on your go-live dates.


Installation and service

Local & regional installations and services coverage are custom-configured to suit the needs of your business. As a partner in your advanced communication and marketing goals, we can provide service and support to specific locations, regional geographic areas, or even manage your entire regional digital signage and advertising operation—seamlessly, and without the hassle of dealing with multiple vendors and service providers. The Flatsoft Cloud advertising will handle as the single platform.


Content development and creation

Once we understand your goals, we’ll turn it over to our Content Creation team so they can develop communications that drive results. We can build customized templates or create fully developed digital signage and outdoor advertising campaign for your organization on the public venues and buildings. The content developed will be based on your approved brand look and feel, so it’s tightly integrated with your other brand communications.


Content management via Flatsoft CLOUD 

Let our team of digital display masters manage the scheduling and display of your content. We’ll seamlessly administer your content on your behalf, saving you both time and resources. Thru’ Flatsoft Cloud advertising solution, a Content Management team will ensure maximum uptime with training, designated architecture maintenance (including updates and upgrades), and troubleshooting. We will host the content and ensure it’s distributed to the networked displays as scheduled.


Financing/Subscription via Flatsoft CLOUD

We make the process easy. From global advanced solutions to local installations, our team of financial & technology consultants can create a financing package at competitive rates with maximum simplicity. With our proprietary Flatsoft Cloud advertising solutions,  the coverage is global including Asia, Europe, Latin America, North America, Africa, and Australia. Flatsoft CLOUD advertising allows clients to book a display equipment instantly at any scale for their campaigns and needs without having to invest in the hardwares and technologies. It is available as per use and as per their own suscribed schedule.

More information about Flatsoft Cloud Advertising here.


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samsung oled technology


What’s OLED?

OLED (Organic Light Emitting Display) refers to the phenomenon when several organic thin films are placed between an anode and a cathode, under a positive bias voltage, a bright light is emitted from the anode side via a process of carriers´ injection, transfer and recombination. OLED Character.

samsung digital sign

Origin of OLED

One night in 1979, Dr. C. W. Tang, a Chinese scientist who had been working for Kodak on science research, was on his way home when it suddenly occurred to him that he left something in the lab. When he returned to the lab, he saw something shining in the dark. He turned on the lamp and found an organic storage battery emitting light. How could it happen? With this in mind, Dr. Tang started his study on OLED and finally became the world-known “Father of OLED”.

The development of OLED Wall display was further continued by the academics such as MIT University in Boston. And the pioneer of industrial and enterprise wall display applications towards enterprise solutions with large scale digital wall displays was Flatsoft Displays Inc. who design and develop  the Multi-Views 8K technology and above with core native display resolutions that’s able to span more than 3 meter and beyond.

OLED’s advantages

OLED has many superior performance advantages over LCD: light weight, wide viewing angle, ultra thin panel and module, quick response time, self light emitting, energy efficient, flexible display, competitive cost-effectiveness, operational under low temperature and rugged environment.

OLED is simple in structure, low power consumption (the same power, luminance higher).
OLED fast response, played without delay, the dynamic image can be very natural athletic performance.
OLED perspective from any Angle, vivid images of delicate, see the picture color. No distortion side.
OLED is active luminous, without back light, devices, contrast, thinner more bright-coloured colour is higher.
High temperature of OLED superior performance, can adapt the cold and special circumstances.


XL Cooperated With Flatsoft Displays in Launching X-PLOR Through Experience Center Concept

xl xplore4

xl xplore5

xl xplore1
Formerly, we knew that XPLOR as one of XL product especially for postpaid which is created by one of the bigger GSM operator in Indonesia. By this consideration, on last Thursday (14/6) XL introduced the first Experience Center concept that launched to all visitors by presenting showcase from its new products. This event also shares extra services for visitors of Central Park Mall, which is located in West Jakarta. So, what is Experience Center concept actually?

xl xplore2

Answering above question, XL cooperated with digital multimedia company, Flatsoft Displays, to provide Interior Multimedia view of  Video Wall by Flatsoft Displays. Not only satisfying games mania, XL Games also can be founded in one of XPLOR corner where the screen also using Flatsoft Displays to ensure their games experience will be cool. For those photoholic could also visit XL Photo to capture image and edit it with various effects, then upload it to social media such as Twitter and Facebook. Another Flatsoft products that also used are F787 42” Multi Touch and Video wall 4×4 F380i Galaxy.

xl xplore3

Flatsoft Displays also expand giant screen technology with Android Engine where it is completely fit to be used in supporting any other XL Center activities, especially to increase the interactivity from its visitors.




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Flatsoft at Meyer Melbourne

A $500 million redevelopment to Melbourne’s retail precinct will be the final link in a series of upgrades to the city centre, creating up to 2500 construction jobs and building on Melbourne’s reputation for outstanding shopping, cafés, restaurants, food and wine in Australia.

The Myer redevelopment and major Myer precinct upgrade in the heart of the city will marry the significant heritage features of the site with contemporary urban architecture.

Stage 1 of the Myer retail development was approved in November 2007 and works are well underway, with the completion of the full project due by Christmas 2012.

The amendment to the Melbourne Planning Scheme has paved the way for about 42,000 square metres of retail floor space, and about 31,000 square metres of commercial floor space in the Lonsdale Street to Little Bourke Street block in the city centre.

Photo: Meyer Melbourne entrance at Bourke St. (Nov. 2010)

Victorian Premier John Brumby said the development highlighted the confidence businesses have in Victoria and the Victorian economy.

“The ‘Emporium Melbourne’ project will complete the rejuvenation of Myer Melbourne and provide the final link in the chain of upgrades from the Myer Bourke Street and David Jones stores, through to Melbourne Central and QV.

“Emporium Melbourne will enable Melbourne to reinforce its position as a world-class retail and cultural destination,” he said.

Implementation: (2×4 video wall configuration) consists of 8 portrait panels of F380i Series Seamless were setup by our technical partner BED Sydney in November of 2010 at Meyer Melbourne as part of the latest retail design & concept in Australia.

The Flatsoft large digital signage system which meant to show the latest Dior products & promotions, has 2.4 meter x 2.0 meter in total length & height of active display area in a unique curvature platform. In turn, that results in its highest display quality at native resolution of 3,072 x 2,732 (8.4 Million Pixels “Mega HD”).

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Interior Design & Space Planning in Play

Digital visual communication becomes part of routine work & play environment for the leading interior designer.

Simon Chrisandra Associates (SCA) is one of the most creative companies in town, which provides interior design and planning consultancy services to the business community in Singapore.

SCA helps the world’s leading company’s plan and design innovative environment that responds to the business needs of today and tomorrow.

To expand their business rapidly and to facilitate the borderless communication with their clients & partners, they implementing tele-presence system that equipped with latest F380i SEAMLESS Video wall as their primary visual & multi-media system. Videowall that being used are 9 pieces of Flatsoft F380i 46” that made into 3×3 dimension.

“I’m really satisfactory with the digital visual solution from Flatsoft, the display is amazing and it suits for any interior design. Not only that, I’m also planning to setup another 2×2 in our lobby.” said Mr. Simon, Group Chairman of Simon Chrisandra Associates. Thanks to FLATSOFT ( for making our working & play area look futuristic and Innovative” he added.

This Article written by, with courtesy of Simon Chrisandra Associates Pte., Ltd.

Top 7 Most Apparent Amazing Benefits of Using Digital Signage

“Built it and they will come”

In recent times it would appear that wheresoever’s digital signage, digital displays, interactive displays or advertisements get mounted using LCD video wall, unquestionably the advertisers promptly pay attention to. There is certainly justification due to this: advertisers realize that digital signage or billboards can certainly deliver the results timely, the necessary sales messages will reach fast paced target demographic.

7 Most Apparent Advantages of Using Digital Signage:
(As compared to traditional media)


[Image: 70″ potrait digital signage] Article by Mr. Darrin Friskney , moderation by

 1. With digital signage, you will find there’s practically absolutely no lead-time necessary to alter sales message or perhaps be innovative that allows advertisers to evaluate copy, experience designs, as well as perform short-term advertising campaigns.
This unwraps a completely fresh listing of prospective advertisers for the majority of digital displays operators; those business which often cannot simply wait weeks to alter their message on the conventional vinyl board now could also take benefit from digital displays technological innovation.
Included in this are:
  • Sports clubs supporting particular games
  • Real-estate brokers advertising and marketing particular listings
  • Restaurants offering time-specific menu items
  • Banking institutions bringing up-to-date rates & mortgage product real-time
  • Department retailers advertising the fantastic sales events
 2. Digital signage are not as easy to disregard but more precise. The majority of people devote a longer period moving around than previously. This could result in a shorter period paying attention to other media, yet billboard rates continue to be high. In contrast to television, digital outdoor signage cannot be overlooked simply by changing channel or even speeding thru’ them on a DVR. Neither can they be filtered out by having a pop-up blocker on the internet.

3. Digital signage is distinctively versatile: Dayparting is actually revolutionizing the billboard industry. Busineses are now able to make use of digital interactive displays or by using lcd video wall to focus on consumers with messages that can be instantly strongly related them. Hardly any other medium are capable of doing this just as easily, graphically, as well as cost-effectively as the digital outdoor media.
4. Digital signage offers unparalled responsiveness: It could be updated from another location within a few minutes making use of software program and wireless broadband internet connection, permitting advertisers the chance to act in response rapidly to a new changing situation. Advertisers may also experiment sales messages pertaining to timing and effect, and after that instantaneously fine-tune their advertisements for optimum return on investment.

5. Digital outdoor is definitely an competent investment: It’s more streamlined investment on several methodologies: development costs are immensely not as much as those for updating conventional viny billboard, daypartying can be carried out at lower cost compared to through the broadcast media channels, and average cost to reach each and every audience is exceedingly competitive compared to other mass media.

6. Advertisers can easily proportion excess spot with the others because digital signage or digital displays possess the type of tractability and immediacy.
 7. The rate to charge for digital advertisement displays could be the same as the regular dimension tools simply by print & broadcast media i.e. CPM or perhaps cost per 1000’s impression rate.
To conclude, be it digital signage, digital displays or even interactive displays, by using LCD video wall, they are certainly most businesses’ essential vital tools to generate increased business growth as it can target the target market audiences effeciently and cost effectively.
 For further enquiries on portrait digital signage/billboard & content management software, pls email directly to or call +65.6547.8312; fax +65.6547.8596