Flatsoft Global Foundation is an independent technology oriented philanthropic organization, headquartered in Singapore with affiliated offices in the major ASEAN (South-East Asia) countries such as Jakarta, Manila, Kuala Lumpur, Saigon, Bangkok, Pnom Penh, Vientiane, and Yangon.


We work with a wide range of international partners seeking to transform the lives of people in developing countries in ASEAN through smart technologies.

This involves supporting bold ideas to seemingly intractable challenges which are useful in helping people in the developing countries. We know that the returns on smart investments in early development of technologies are very high. So we aim to play a catalytic role as a funder and influencer to deliver urgent and lasting change at scale.

smart classroom

Areas of work include communication & information technology for schools in ASEAN villages as well as smart & interactive education system with ‘Internet of Things’ for teachers and students in the region.

We place significant emphasis on quality of the actual field surveys by our offices and the local NGOs. For most of our grants, we work with partners to measure and evaluate progress to achieve large scale and sustainable impact.

We are committed to sharing as much information as possible about what our partners and we are working on. Contributing to the global knowledge bank will help all of us speed up the transformational change required so that every introduction of technology is useful and impactful for the future of the ASEAN community which comprises of 500 million population as an integrated economic community.


Flatsoft Global Foundation was officially established in 2013. The co-founders who are mostly high level engineering trained talents from ASEAN countries set out to demonstrably improve the lives of people living in the developing countries through new technologies that have lasting impact. With a rigorous business-like approach to philanthropic funding, the foundation was focused on clear returns for society from the outset.

One of the current program investments in the ASEAN countries such as Indonesia, Vietnam and Philippine is to equip the latest smart class room technology which enables the use of interactive digital touch white board with cloud connectivity for teachers to teach students from unlimited and latest online academic resources globally.

We’re also working on a simulation of human brain control system for the blinds. The system allows the human brain acts as the central processing server for all external activities including moving a computer mouse direction.

Working with partners, the foundation played a catalytic role in implementing new and smart technologies for the people in the region particularly in the education sector which brings the brighter future the younger generations and improve the life quality as the whole.

Flatsoft Global Foundation have created one of the ASEAN largest charities with smart technology oriented approach. With an endowment of over $ 50 Millions and a commitment to disruptive transformational change for the people and community of ASEAN through technologies, the foundation’s independent board, professional staff, professors and Flatsoft partners are constantly seeking ways to increase community impact at scale.


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