The World’s Advanced FHD TFT-LED Video Wall Technology With Slim & Seamless designs proves the ultimate edge of video wall technology.

The paradigm has changed to state-of-the-art TFT-LED video wall technology that allows creation of HD Mega multi displays seamlessly (6.3mm b.b). F380i delivers up to 700 nits and 1400:1 real contrast, coupled with built-in video wall matrix controller, with can be easily assembled to create visually stunning digital signage solutions for advertising, NOC, and entertainment applications.


The Ultimate Seamless Video Wall System with The Benefit of LCD Technology & Flatsoft Quality Design.

      F380i 47-01
  • Large High Definition TFT-LED 47” for unlimited matrix
  • Seamless bezel ~6.3mm
  • Bulit-in Video Wall Controller (VWC)
  • FHD-DVI Daisy Chain
  • HDCP Compatibility
  • Full PC & Video connectivity
  • Integrated RS 232 & LAN UI with “Multi-Views” software
  • Advanced cooling system for 24/7
  • Up to 100K Hrs Operation

Award – Winning Flatsoft F380i Dispalys Design Flatsoft 47-inch seamless LED Design Enables Creation of Exiting Seamless Multi-Screen Displays

Designed for high image quality in a variety of ambient light conditions, F380i Seamless is opening new market opportunities for large indoor visual solutions. Energy efficient and configurable in a size to suit the application – even for displays of 100 feet or more, this breakthrough product is ushering in a new age of large visual requirements.

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F380i–Galaxy 55″ TRU-HD LED Video Wall Enables Creation of Giant Matrix (n) of Native FULL HD (1080p) Total Display Resolutions.


Right in Cambodia, the long awaited Video Wall and Digital Signage total business solutions provider, Flatsoft Displays, continues to set the bar in the advanced display design & technology. By leveraging on low temperature Super-V-patterned SEAMLESS (5.5mm b-b) TFT-LCD, is able to offer a large visual solution that is part of the latest mainstream video wall display revolution. Designed for high display performance, F380i-Galaxy 55 is opening a vast new market opportunities for dedicated integrators & ‘true’ digital visual system specialists in the region.

Key Features:

> Seamless 5.5mm Bezel
(bezel to bezel adjacently)

> Premium LED BLU Technology

> EX-SLIM Design ~95mm Depth

> 55 inch FULL HD Native
(1920 x 1080p per panel x n)

> Prolonged LED-LIFE for 24/7
( > 100,000 Hrs continuously)

> Green LED Technology
(Energy saving & mercury FREE)

> Including F380i Technologies:
Multi-View Ctrl. Program I/O DVI;
Daisy-Chain Blending;
No Burn-in

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