Green DID is the application of green design principles to latest display technology with reduction of non-environmentally materials & hazardous substances.

Flatsoft G313 DID displays are designed with simplicity & minimization.  Like the old Chinese Master Lao Tzu, we believe “simplicity” is the key understanding of design by following the laws of nature.  G313 combines HD resolution and unparalleled display quality in a large format for custom initiatives & green buildings.
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Smart Energy

Smart adjustment of display brightness in response to ambient room brightness can contribute a great deal to energy saving at minimal expense and user effort.

Many green display attributes can be defined and improved upon in progressive phases with practical senses, one of the implementation is the latest green design by lowering down power consumption during ‘standby mode’ by 80%. And pro-active towards green programme such as ‘Energy Star concept’ is a good move.


Green Array Substrate

A more environmentally friendly glass substrate for use in liquid crystal display production that is free of all heavy metals, including arsenic. The new material, dubbed Corning Eagle XG, is an effort to keep ahead of ever more stringent environmental regulations, and will also help in recycling LCD displays made using the specially formulated glass.

Green DID

Open-frame Design

With the minimalist look, open-frame casing is the undisputed green DID design symbol.It promotes the reduction of heat-flow dissipated during 24/7 continuous operation of DID. Lighter mass will be the merit of logistics & fuel efficiency.

Usage of external green parts and materials such as recyclable & non-corrosion inhibiting screws during the cell back-end assembly process is implemented as SOP at the same time.


Eco-friendly BLU

Backlight unit (BLU) is the main light-emitting source of DID. The latest improvement is to use high brightness InGaN LED BLU which provides advantages such as; eliminating CCFL mercury, Pb-Lead-Free soldering application, cooler operating temperature, high optical performance & longer MTBF life-span.


Environmental-friendly Packaging

By teaming up with green packaging consultants who specialize in environmentally friendly packaging solutions that protect our product and the environment, all of our packaging materials are recycled or recyclable, and it offers fresh alternatives to conventional packaging.

Green DID

IRFM (Image Retention Free Modulator)

Image retention is known as “ghosting” or “burn-in” occurs when the ghost of an image appears on the screen. IRFM technology prevents the phenomena when displaying an image in the exact same position for long periods that cause image retention. In turn, IRFM prolongs the product life-cycle of DID.


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View Beyond LCD DID Innovation

Today’s modern display technologies mainly comprise of VA (Vertical Alignment), PS-VA (Polymer-Stabilized VA), IPS (In-Plane Switching) and FFS (Fringe Field Switching), particularly suited for optimized viewing angles and switching times.

Combined with novel lighting technologies such as dimmable LEDs backlit, these technologies also play a significant role to enhanced brightness and contrast with reduced energy consumption.

One of renowned global enterprises who specializing in LCD DID techonology such as MERCK Kgga with restless intensive research and continuous development, provides significant contribution to the creation of innovative mixture concepts for improved liquid crystal performance and reliability.

In addition, the company is actively developing advanced LC materials, among them photo-polymerizable liquid crystals called reactive mesogens (RMs). It’s suited as precursors for polarizer films for the improvement of the optical characteristics and the performance of displays.

Another company with nearly half a century of major optical & display innovations, a New York based Coming Inc. sets the standard in thin-film transistor liquid crystal display (TFT-LCD) glass and other advanced display products – all backed by expert technical understanding and through R&D. It combines high-technology glass with high-value customer collaboration.

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About Merck

Merck has been active in the liquid crystal business for over 40 years. By continuously developing  customer-specific liquid crystal mixtures together with its strategic techonology partners, it has become the leading manufacturer of LCD DID technology worldwide. Visit Merck’s website

Common LCD array-cell structure & design, picture & text with courtesy of Merck Kgga, moderated by editor@flatsoftdisplays.com

About Corning

Corning is a leader in advanced display techonologies. It own the proprietary fusion process used to make LCD substrates. Visit Corning’s website