New Marine LCD System
Marine LCD Singapore

Bunaken flatscreen LCD system is designed to suit the applications such as yacht, ship-automation, ARPA system, ECDIS, on-board entertainment, automatic-identification-system, general surveillance system in the maritime & offshore industries.
Marine LCD Singapore

Marine LCD Singapore


  Key features:

> High performance & low power consumption
> Interactive water resistant touch function
> Auto-adjust brightness level
Shock & water  resistant
> Built-in hyper-dimming technology
> 24V DC to DC input acceptable
(Optional: AC power)

Marine LCD singapore

Marine LCD indonesia


[Image: 19” Bunaken All-in-one LCD for marine applications] 


dnc     All Marine flatscreen LCD series are designed and tested
according to DNV Standard for Certification 2.4,
IEC60945 and IACS-E10 and currently certified by
Det Norske Veritas Classification AS (DNV).

Marine LCD Indonesia

Marine LCD Singapore

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AQUA display is the latest Full-HD display with water-resistant technology. It’s a combination of innovations & high-precision technologies. It’s suitable for outdoor digital information and advertising display with Sun view technology, more than 2000 nits high brightness BLU.

The goal is to fulfill the rapidly increasing demands for higher-specs. liquid crystal displays in non-conventional outdoor environment such as high moisture & wet condition. The design parameters are including dust proof, anti-vandal feature. AQUA displays comes with options of sizes: 23″, 42″ , 55″, 72″, 80″.


Features & Benefits:

> Available size 23″ , 42″, 55″, 72″, 80″ 

> Resolution Full-HD 1920 x 1080
> Contrast: 1000:1(typ); brightness > 2000 (or higher)
> TV input: PAL, NTSC, SECAM
> Water-resistant: IPX6

> Induction touch key
> Built-in wireless TV-signal receiver

> Material: Alloy and glass
> Available for customized mounting and standing design
> For detail specs contact us at

[Image: 17″ AQUA LCD with water-resistant technology]

Additional requirements:




More customized designs:
> Screen size 19″, 23″ & 32″
> Sunlight readable technologies for outdoor-use
> Wireless signal connection
> Heat & shock resistant
> Corrosive resistant
> For detailed specs, contact
(Telp: +65 6547 8312; Fax: +65 6547 8596)



Flatsoft FPD Gaming Series offer the new line of high definition (HD) TFT display module, which can fulfill the growing need for exciting digital visual displays on casino floor.

Latest designed FPD modules can both cater for 24/7 lively animation shows, custom messengers, and incrementing jackpots as well as show the game outcome such as roulette tables, Punto Banco & Black Jack. Ultimately it makes tables more exciting, attracting more players and increasing the action on tables.



___Features & Specifications:

___> FPD-410 Series (4.1″)
___> Brightness ~ 230cd/m2
___> With optional Touch
Active area ~ 89.28mm x 50.592mm
___> Viewing Angle 89/89/89/89
Supported by Video input ~ SVGA
___> Other available sizes 4.3″/ 6.2″/ 6.4″/ 7″
___> For details specs, contact us at

P[Image: FPD-410 Series, 4.1″ display with Player Tracking Display]

lcd32inch___Features & Specifications:

___> FPD-3200 Series (32″)
___> Brightness ~ 450cd/m2
___> Contrast ratio 1000:1 and aspect ratio 16:9
___> With optional Touch
___> Active area ~ 760.0mm x 450.0mm
___> Viewing Angle 89/89/89/89
___> Supported by Video Input VGA ~ WXGA
___> Other available sizes 17″/ 19″/ 20.1″/ 22″/ 23″/ 26″
___> For detail specs, contact us at

[Image: FPD-3200 Series, 32″ display with Primary Main Display]


Introduction to Casino & Entertainment Displays

Flatsoft Displays strategically located in Singapore, with the core expertise in Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) technology, will aim to serve the design, introduction of new technology, rebuilt, & repair of gaming machines and information display systems.

It was recently reported that the Singapore government is about to release details regarding the up-coming ‘Integrated Resorts’ (IR) casino projects. Singapore will issue two casino construction and management licenses as part of its effort to encourage tourism and generate as many as 35,000 job vacancies & will be the biggest in ASEAN region.


[Image: Singapore Mega Integrated Resort in Marina Bay to be compeleted in 2010]
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