F380i–Galaxy 55″ TRU-HD LED Video Wall Enables Creation of Giant Matrix (n) of Native FULL HD (1080p) Total Display Resolutions.

Flatsoft continues to set the bar in the advanced display design & technology. By leveraging on low temperature Super-V-patterned SEAMLESS (5.5mm b-b) TFT-LCD, is able to offer a large visual solution that is part of the latest mainstream video wall display revolution. Designed for high display performance, F380i-Galaxy 55 is opening a vast new market opportunities for dedicated integrators & ‘true’ digital visual system specialists in the region.


  • Seamless 5.5mm Bezel (bezel to bezel adjacently)

  • Premium LED BLU Technology

  • EX-SLIM Design ~95mm Depth

  • 55 inch FULL HD Native (1920 x 1080p per panel x n)

  • Prolonged LED-LIFE for 24/7 ( > 100,000 Hrs continuously)

  • Green LED Technology (Energy saving & mercury FREE)

  • Including F380i Technologies:

    Multi-View Ctrl. Program I/O DVI; Daisy-Chain Blending;
    No Burn-in


Showcase & Demo:


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For System Integration, email to supports@flatsoftdisplays.com
For Middle-East Video Wall enquiry, email to gulfdisplay@flatsoftglobal.com

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DSM: Integrated Digital Signage

DSM Digital Signage is the most feasible standalone digital advertising & promotion signage system with embedded powerful playing engine to guarantee a stable 24/7 playback of high quality multimedia such as graphics, videos, & audio files.

The all-in-one digital signage is designed with a compact & integrated system, which consists of LCD with built-in media-player engine. DSM allows users to easily download multimedia contents by using SD memory card or USB-drive and start auto-slideshow mode. It’s an absolute innovative solution as compared to other conventional & inefficient method of connecting media contents from a PC or laptop to an LCD screen.

Other features: Optional feature allows user(s) to manage your clients both through wireless LAN and Cloud Technology. For more details refer to Network Digital Signage “N-DSM“.

Flatsoft introduces and deploys Digital signage and advanced visual promotion systems for retail technology solutions in mainly Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Brunei, Indonesia, Myanmar, Laos, and Cambodia.

Operating Procedure:

dsm digital signage

Illustration of Novice Entry of Digital Signage in the beginning of 2008


Retail digital signage solutions:

Applications of digital signage and advertising promotion display in retail environment is important, particularly using Singapore dynamic environment as a role model for the region. In some environment, the requirement for outdoor weather proof digital signage is particularly more significant.

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