“Built it and they will come”

These days it seems that wherever digital signages/billboards are installed, the advertisers quickly follow. There is good reason for this: advertisers recognize that digital signages/billboards can deliver timely, relevant messages to fast moving audiences.

The best 7 advantages of digital signage/billboard:
(As compared to traditional media)


[Image: 70″ potrait digital signage] Article by Mr. Darrin Friskney , moderation by editor@flatsoftdisplays.com.

1. With digital signages/billboards, there is practically no lead-time needed to change message or be creative which allows advertisers to test copy, experiment with designs, and even run short-term promotions.

This opens up an entirely new list of potential advertisers for most billboard operators; those business that could not wait weeks to change their message on a traditional vinyl board now can take advantage of digital display technology. (more…)