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Today’s modern display technologies mainly comprise of VA (Vertical Alignment), PS-VA (Polymer-Stabilized VA), IPS (In-Plane Switching) and FFS (Fringe Field Switching), particularly suited for optimized viewing angles and switching times.

Combined with novel lighting technologies such as dimmable LEDs backlit, these technologies also play a significant role to enhanced brightness and contrast with reduced energy consumption.

One of renowned global enterprises who specializing in LCD DID techonology such as MERCK Kgga with restless intensive research and continuous development, provides significant contribution to the creation of innovative mixture concepts for improved liquid crystal performance and reliability.

In addition, the company is actively developing advanced LC materials, among them photo-polymerizable liquid crystals called reactive mesogens (RMs). It’s suited as precursors for polarizer films for the improvement of the optical characteristics and the performance of displays.

Another company with nearly half a century of major optical & display innovations, a New York based Coming Inc. sets the standard in thin-film transistor liquid crystal display (TFT-LCD) glass and other advanced display products – all backed by expert technical understanding and through R&D. It combines high-technology glass with high-value customer collaboration.

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About Merck

Merck has been active in the liquid crystal business for over 40 years. By continuously developing  customer-specific liquid crystal mixtures together with its strategic techonology partners, it has become the leading manufacturer of LCD DID technology worldwide. Visit Merck’s website

Common LCD array-cell structure & design, picture & text with courtesy of Merck Kgga, moderated by

About Corning

Corning is a leader in advanced display techonologies. It own the proprietary fusion process used to make LCD substrates. Visit Corning’s website