F787 HD Multi Touch e-Board

PS-6 Multi eboard lets users control & present multi-media in a way that transforming a large interactive eboard from 92 to 275 inches  into an interactive high-resolution touch surface.

With simultaneous 4 – 6 touch points or equal to 3 users, PS6 touch multi e-board provides an advanced and rich interactive experience at a new level. The technology is designed with minimum activation force detection which implies that users is able to simultaneously touch multiple points accurately and naturally without applying significant contact pressure. Built-in with the latest sensing technology, there is no special coatings and films are needed, hence the smart interactive board is crystal clear & robust for continuous use.  PS6 smart eboard is suitable for commercial & public environment such as lecture theatre, school (smart classroom), corporate boardroom, expos (events), museums, science-centre and advertising. New upgrade to 12 touch points is available for advanced user.

Key Features:

  • Available designs: 92 inches  (2 x 2 )  ~ 275 inches (5 x 5)
  • Protective tampered glass 4 ~ 6 mm thickness
  • Scratch resistant G-glass
  • True Multi Touch experience with 6 touch points (3 users)
  • Light activation force
  • Crystal Clear Resolution: FHD 1080p ~ (N) x FHD
  • Single PC input (F380i video wall function)
  • Simultaneous & smooth Multi Touch capability
  • Supports Multi OS platform: Windows 7 / TUIO / Linux
  • Low power consumption with LED source & Infra-red
  • Installation Options with wall mount & free floor standing
  • Easy Maintenance with FAS “infinite access”
  • Operating temperature: 0 ~ 55 degree C & 10 ~ 90% RH
  • Advanced Options: Custom video processor; Collaborative learning applications

Showcase & Demo:

How Touch eboard Works

Series of specially designed optical sensors located at the surrounding of the smart interactive board track movement of any object that proximates to the interactive eboard by computing the intervention of an infra-red light source. The main design of the system is multiple controllers that process signals from the optical sensors. The incorporated firmware then compensates for distortions and triangulates the position of the touch object with a high degree of accuracy.

Main Application: Collaborative Learning Experience

PS-6 Smart Touch e-board provides highly interactive experience that allows people to collaborate & learn more efficiently, intuitively and naturally.  In today’s learning environment both school & corporate training, edutainment is an important concept which re-shaping educative materials with more entertaining methodology of teaching & presenting. In this case, education is repackaged as a digital games that help people to learn & work.

Here are the primary benefits of PS-6 for smart classrooms system:

  • Deliver presentations by integrating digital applications and multimedia sources with ease
  • Annotate and highlight directly over existing applications naturally
  • Create interactivity that is more versatile, dynamic and engaging
  • Resize and manipulate graphical information efficiently
  • Record, modify, save and print discussion materials instantly

Source: Picture courtesy of Illinois Public Media,

Multi Touch Apps.

The latest developments of internet browsers that have adapted Multi Touch function is Mozilla Firefox which make users to navigate web contents more easily on the large format PS-6. With  a dedicated software designers who are specialized in developing Multi Touch software applications for edutainment and other custom Apps. solutions, Flatsoft is able to cater total solutions for academic & corporate needs.

Some of the common softwares for edutainment are Multi Touch puzzle, quiz, & media center. Other custom solutions are Multi Touch directory, e-catalog & e-map.

Source: Courtesy of Mozilla Firefox, &

With the purchase of PS-6 Multi Touch, you are qualified for non-obligation consultation with our developers to design your own apps and inclusive of Free downloadable Apps. For immediate quote, email us at

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