Art over technology! The digital Vision*arts system is designed to conceal LCD screen with museum-quality, fine-art prints in designer frames when not in use, now can sound as good as it looks.

Features & benefits:

> High-performance speaker
system in a unique enclosure
below the screen (fully braced
& sealed enclosure).

> When the vision*arts fine-art
print isretracted to reveal the
television, the speakers are
masked from view with black-
matte to enhance viewing.

> Offers dynamic, high-fidelity
sound without the need for
other in-wall speakers.

(Image: 65″ Vision*Arts cum built-in wall speakers)

Premium Applications:

Ideal for high-end residential use, hotels, conference rooms, as well as other commercial applications.
It can be used full-range in smaller venues or in-home applications or with a subwoofer and additional side speakers to create an impressive home theater experience in larger rooms.


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