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Advanced Display Supply Chain Networks

Flatsoft Displays work and invest* with the first tier display technology supply chain partners through an advanced supply chain management application (ASCM App) that allows the highest performance of large scale digital display technologies come to a reality for the benefits of our business partners and ultimately the enterprise clients which either MNC or Government.

*Investments are conducted directly or indirectly via holding companies, public shares, preferred shares and other investment vehicle which deemed appropriate.

Supply Chain First Tier Partners List

1. Corning Display

2. Merck Display Technologies

3. Toppan Display

4. Japan Display Inc.

5. Chisso Corp (JNC)

6. Rohm LED Display

Note: Other members of supply chain list are to be updated in regular basis. The information presented is courtesy of the respected companies, hence Flatsoft displays will not in the binding position to advise the details or other related information as required.