The newest Flatsoft HD-LED Cube Wall Displays integrate the unique technology of Ultra-Widened Color Gamut with Dynamic Re-generating and Dual-Core in one cube Technology. In addition the Dual Redundant Power Supplies are equipped in each cube. F330 HD-LED Series Wall Displays lead the advanced technical development on colour performance, multi-vision processing and operation stability.



  • With wider color gamut beyond 50% UHP source and more color temperature adjustment than traditional cube, F330 presents more realistic visual effect.
  • Screen Size 50″/60″/67″
  • Up to 10,000h service life, no need to replace LED light source and high color uniformity F330 minimizes the maintenance cost on light source and backlight parts replacement.
  • These kinds of color temperature adjustment are available to meet different clients with different viewing options or multiple applications requirements. With intelligent color-temp. Detection and correction technologies. F330 maintains the color-temp accurately and consistently to adapt long-cycle operation.
  • UV free, non-toxic raw material in LED source, non-positions to human, and environmentally friendly.


Function and Advantage
High Reliability

  • F330 Dual – Core technology in one cube
  • Ultra-long service life LED source
  • Redundant hot backup power supply
  • Air tightness and dustproof design for optical engine modules
  • Real IP5x dustproof for optical protection
  • Excellent ODE quality processing technology for cabinet protection on compression resistance, anti-humidity, corrosion prevention and antistatic
  • Comprehensive material selection critical by Kyoto and Suzhou R&D centre
  • Exceeding 100 itemized engineering technologies
  • Up to M8 anti-shake
  • Backup signal interface installed on the built-in vision processor
  • Easy disassembly design for maintenance
  • Flatsoft cares and services
  • SAAT value-added solution


Extremely Refined Display

  • Ultra-wide color gamut with refined display performance
  • Tricolor paralel  light source, no color non-uniformity
  • 100,000 1 high dynamic contrast ratio
  • Ultra-widened Color Gamut with Dynamic Re-generating Technology
  • 12 dynamic regulation points and smoothening edge technologies that ensure the gap between screen is <0.2mm and gap between image is <0.4mm
  • Refined accurate color-temp re-adjustment technology
  • 30 comb filtering technology
  • Intelligent color-temp detection and correction technologies
  • Built-in color and brightness sensors for intelligent control
  • Advanced performance of built-in processor that support multiplex signal overlay and HD signal input display
  • High quality VUCS compound glass screen
  • 12 grades grey scale
  • Absorbing TI brilliant color technology
  • Supporting ultra-scale arc splicing


Intelligent System

  • Instant lighting
  • Optional color-temp
  • Humanized HCL
  • 12 grades Light adjustment
  • <38dB noise for silent operation
  • Environmental protection
  • Simplified frame structure design for easy maintenance
  • Ultra-tin box and front maintenance design for space saving
  • Moderate heat distribution design for close gap to wall installation


Showcase & Demo:

 Download F330 HD-LED Cube Brochure
 For Custom Design & Project, email to sales@flatsoftglobal.com

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