N-DSM offers efficient solutions for strong group management of large number of digital signage screens. The digital content can be automatically updated via internet, LAN, wireless (WiFi), & GPRS from one single central PC/server.

N-DSM is a combination of innovative hardware-software solution. Each of the standalone digital signage screens has an embedded network engine to receive & store data automatically. A default software & user-friendly interface “FMSO” for content management is provided according to various requirements such as the size of group, layout, & type of media playback.> Real time RSS feed
> Layout designer feature (Multiple Zones)
> Cloud Content management
> HDCP Compliance
> Client billing log (optional)
> Live input (optional)
> Flash content support (optional)
> Dynamic HTML webpage (optional)
> Software development kit & APK (optional)
> For other customization from basic to advanced, contact us at sales@flatsoftglobal.com