video-wall1 The World’s first HD Video Wall technology with slim & seamless designs proves the ultimate competitive edge of LCD technology outperforming old cubes or pdp. The paradigm has changed to state-of-the-art TFT-LCD video wall technology that allows creation of HD Mega multi displays seamlessly (new! 6.7mm b-b). F380i delivers up to 700 nits and 3000:1 contrast, coupled with built-in video wall processor, which can be easily assembled to create visually stunning digital signage solutions for advertising, information, or entertainment applications.


  • Large TFT-LCD 46″ for unlimited Matrix
  • Seamless bezel: 2.4mm(R/B); 4.3mm(L/T)
  • 1366×768 (Output Rez Up to 1080p)
  • Built-in Video Wall Controller (VWC)
  • 6 Video I/Os with “HD-DVI daisy chain”
  • Full PC & Video Connectivity
  • Integrated RS232 UI with “Multi-Views”
  • Up to 3 Years Warranty
  • Advanced colling system for 24/7
  • Up to 100K Hrs operation
  • Low power comsumption


  • Integrated Network DS-Content Mgmt System
  • Easy maintenance “New Front Access”
  • Custom stand (image) for Illustration only
  • More info contact:
[Image: New F380i: 2 x 2 matrices with Seamless 46″ TFT-LCD, all images are for mere illustration only]

spech for  seamless video wall-01 *The specifications represent the main model of each product and are subject to change without prior notice

Showcase & Demo: 2x2_46lcd_video_wall-300x183-seamless1 View more pictures in our gallery

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