digital signage at Ion Another showpiece digital signage installation at latest Ion Orchard Singapore – this time using Flatsoft F380i Video Wall & DSM500 in the Christian Dior boutique.

Christian Dior wanted to make a bold visual presence featuring their fragrance & cosmetic collection that everyone would see in their new fragrance retail store. Flatsoft displays worked with the Interior design & visual merchandising designers and was asked to come up with a ‘Curved 200 inch Mega HD’ display which stands nearly 4 Meters long.

The HD wall put together here is probably one of the best we have seen – it consists of 4×4 F380i with 16 million resolution combined as a single seamless curved wall, even blend into ‘Dior on Stage’ design concept. It certainly is a focal point of the store.

Tony Z., PM of Flatsoft displays added that “The store concept requires huge high definition display that operating in low temperature and least of maintenance”. Both LED and plasma systems had been considered at some point, but where rejected as they presented limited display resolution and non-sophisticated technical offering, not to mention the overall cost.

Ms Chian from Dior Singapore commented “the High definition that the video wall system having, is really good”. Everyone agrees that It adds another dimension to the space and is a successful part of the unique retail technology of Dior’s boutique concept.

Digital Signage Article written by, with courtesy of Christian Dior & Ion Orchard Singapore


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