How In-Store Digital Signage Play to Shoppers
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Slim & Seamless digital signage display in stores give retailers innovative and dynamic ways to keep consumers informed, entertained, and more likely to buy.

Flat-panel digital signages are cool. Retailers know that, too — and they’re using them to woo you.

As you hit the mall this holiday season, expect to see these sleek screens with seamless profile — from large wall-mounted units to single 46inch portrait high-definition displays embedded inside alloy cases — staring at you from more places than ever. Increasingly, retailers are not only using them to play commercials but also loading them with eye-catching video to draw you inside their store and enhance the experience while you’re doing shoppings.

The retail solutions of using digital signage in stores (‘DRS’) have been around for a long time. But in the past, you could find them only in such large chains as Wal-Mart.

As  commercial digital signage system costs steadily fall, DRS is working its way into high-end and mass-market retail alike. And retailers are embedding these slim-profile screens into display cases and walls to push their brands more subtly while also embellishing their décor and bringing the atmosphere to life.


Retailers are learning: The flat screens attracts customers like moths to a flame. And part of the allure is in the ability to customize as part of latest retail technology.

While the DRS itself is a draw for customers, their versatility attracts retailers. The real benefit of DRS is that one can very quickly update our advertising or switch over to variety of promotional contents because it’s as simple as piping in new graphic & video over the network or even simple thumb drive. As in the network system used by big-box stores, shops download the video from a centralized server maintained by the providers via broadband Internet connection, then feed it to the screens.

[Image: Flatsoft F380 “Super slim profile display” with DSM 500 for Retail Digital Signage solution @Pizza Hut]

Future “SMART” DRS
Higher level of customization in the near future is possible. Using DRS network player to display daily package deals — including images and video of destinations and current price information — on the digital signage displays in its store windows.

Even bigger plans are in the works. As this technology continues to mature, Flatsoft is hoping to make more sophisticated customizations available on the design iteself. That means creating not just digital but also “smart” signage — store displays that integrate with inventory data to push certain products to lower down inventory costs. Someday soon, the screens will be watching you, too.

Flatsoft recommended product is DSM 500 with F380i Seamless profile digital signage system.

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