Large High-Definition Digital Display

This enormous 65″ Full HD-LCD screen is meant for commercial use. Large portrait LCD digital signage is suitable for 24×7 continuously,  supporting full HD 1080p, 2000:1 contrast ratio, 8ms response speed and 600 cd/m2 brightness which is more than enough for indoor (& outdoor) applications.

” The significantly larger LCD sets a new benchmark of digital media display.”


[Image: Raflesia XTREME, S-Series 65 inch LCD] Article by Flatsoft Displays (Spore,

Installation Flexibility

As the 65-inch LCD is open-frame concept which enabled it to be equipped with built-in computer, hence users can convert TV to PC by using remote control and utilize a variety of video, photo and other information display purposes.

ü Open-frame design

ü Built-in smart systems such as touchscreen & Wi-Fi

ü Landscape/potrait install flexibility

Other features/benefits:

ü High power efficiency as compared to other big display system(s)

ü Narrow outer-frame

ü Slim-size

ü Eye-catching

ü Best visual quality

Raflesia Xtreme will be able to show “rapidly moving video images” with “crystal clarity.” The new product is not only significantly larger, but also sets a new benchmark of excellence in terms of video image reproduction, viewing angle and image quality.


Pricing has been set reasonably as compared to combining multiple LCD screens which are sometimes not cost-effective due to design constraint. In the FPD industry, many admit that Raflesia XTREME carries a price tag that will be well within mainstream affordability.

Current Applications

Fashion show, Exhibition, Trade show, Central Control station, Retail & other concepts.

Raflesia Xtreme Specifications:

Available 65″/70″/82″; Resolution> Full HD 1920×1080; Brightness> 600 cd/m2; CR> 1200:1; Wide viewing angle> more than 85 deg; Response time> 8ms; Low supply voltage> 12V-24V.

For immediate order, you can email directly to, orders have to be made in advance; or call +65.6547.8312; fax +65.6547.8596