Open Concept Design

Markesa ‘open-frame’ LCD is designed to be easily integrated into other customized applications. With fully warranted plug-n-use display technology, it is ideal for designers, integrators and various application OEMs to leverage on the unlimited boundary of design.


[Image: 32” Markesa “Open-frame” LCD, front/rear view]

Markesa is suitable for embeddable systems such as enclosure, building interior-design, wooden platform, built-in digital signage, & control panel applications. The existing benefits of LCD are greatly enhanced by the open-frame flexibility which also comes with various screen sizes 7″ – 65″.No wastage
A thin space-saving design reduces heat output and power requirements without sacrificing the quality of high-definition (HD) display and the reliable performance you expect from Flatsoft. All these come without the extra hardware costs of an unnecessary external casing like normal LCD-TV and stand. It’s meant for easy & flexible design.

Summary of Open-Frame Benefits:

More flexible & tailor-made
Early stage concept generation & blend into overall design
Reduce wastage: Casing & design
More value added innovative design
Customized to suit different needs
Thin surrounding-frame & superior quality
Easy to integrate & flexible direct-mounting
For indoor & outdoor use

Display Specs:
Brightness 500 cd/m2; CR 2000:1 (typ); Response time 6.5ms (GTG); Full-HD resolution 1920 x1080.

Other Features:
Fanless design; operation power 275w (min 40w); Communication Port D-Sub 9 Pin, RJ45 In/Out

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