“Built it and they will come”

These days it seems that wherever digital signages/billboards are installed, the advertisers quickly follow. There is good reason for this: advertisers recognize that digital signages/billboards can deliver timely, relevant messages to fast moving audiences.

The best 7 advantages of digital signage/billboard:
(As compared to traditional media)


[Image: 70″ potrait digital signage] Article by Mr. Darrin Friskney , moderation by editor@flatsoftdisplays.com.

1. With digital signages/billboards, there is practically no lead-time needed to change message or be creative which allows advertisers to test copy, experiment with designs, and even run short-term promotions.

This opens up an entirely new list of potential advertisers for most billboard operators; those business that could not wait weeks to change their message on a traditional vinyl board now can take advantage of digital display technology.

These include:

ü Sports teams promoting specific games

ü Real-estate agents advertising specific listings

ü Restaurants promoting time-specific menu items

ü Banks updating rates & loan product real time

ü Department stores advertising the great sale events

2. Digital signages/billboards are harder to ignore and more targeted. Most people spend more time moving around than ever before. This translates into less time viewing other media, yet billboard rates remain high. Unlike television, digital outdoor signage can not be skipped over by changing channel or speeding thru’ them on a DVR. Nor can they be filtered out with a pop-up blocker on the internet.

3. Digital signages or billboards are uniquely flexible: Dayparting is revolutionizing the billboard industry. Busineses can now use digital billboards to target customers with messages that are immediately relevant to them. No other medium can do this as quickly, graphically, and cost-effectively as the digital outdoor media.

4. Digital signages/billboards deliver unparalled responsiveness: It can be updated remotely in minutes using software and wireless broadband connection, allowing advertisers the opportunity to respond quickly to a changing situation. Advertisers can even test messages for timing and impact, and then immediately tweak their billboards for maximum return on investment.

5. Digital outdoor is an efficient investment: It’s more efficient investment on several fronts: production costs are significantly less than those for updating traditional viny billboard, daypartying can be achieved at lesser cost than is available through the broadcast media, and average cost to reach each viewer is extremely competitive with other mass media.

6. Advertisers can share space with the others as digital signages/billboards have the kind of flexibility and immediacy.

7. The rate to charge for digital advertisement displays can be similar to the standard measurement tools by print & broadcast media i.e. CPM or cost per thousands impression rate.

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