digital media wall

digital media wall

Trend of Digital New Media
We are surrounded by advertising on all sides. Whether on TV, newspapers, magazines or the internet the sale of advertising space has never been as relevant as today. With so much space available to advertise you need to identify your audience well in order to detect what it consumes and how it can be impacted by your business.

Digital signage is the platform that explores monitor networks across the city with the ability to reach large groups of potential consumers by publicizing their brand and making their products and services recognizable to a huge market share.

Integrate the routine of potential consumers
One of the biggest advantages that your business has when choosing digital signage is the volume of people who are impacted by this type of media daily. Imagine the routine of an ordinary person and the amount of opportunities your brand has to make a good impression by being present in their day to day life by talking to them in lifts, malls, the gym and wherever you can imagine.
These media are integrated into the everyday life of these consumers and are seen several times a day in their trips around the city, and can be segmented into niches according to the places that their potential customers attend in an agile way and with visual quality guaranteed for being a Digital system.

Participate in the purchase decision
Advertising in digital signage is advantageous because these media are more efficient at the time of promoting the purchase decision. Usually located in commercial environments, such as shopping malls and supermarkets, are the chance to remember at the right time.
Often we are impacted by a brand on the internet, but by the time we arrive at the supermarket gondolas this does not become an acquisition. When your advertising is present at the point of sale it is much stronger in convincing of the attributes of your product, which can be checked closely and acquired on time.

Get more views on every real invested
Digital signage offers an excellent cost-benefit for investors, who achieve a cost per impression more advantageous than in traditional vehicles like newspapers and magazines. While in these media the client has the expectation of individually impacting here he vertiginously multiplies his chances of being seen, with each impression can reach a few dozen people at the same time.

Get more reach from your ad space
Although TV, newspapers, magazines and the Internet are part of the routine of most Brazilians, these media have a relatively low impact compared to digital signage systems. These offer about 60% more reach than traditional media, precisely because it is integrated into the media.
This advertising is not seen as intrusive by users, who are attracted voluntarily by their content unlike commercials and online ads that can be placed between the user and the information.
There are countless benefits you can get from an ad space like digital murals. Present in large urban centers they positively impact the economically active population and directly influence the purchasing decision. Were you full of ideas to integrate this media in your next campaigns?

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