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Let us create and manage your content

Whether you need to augment your own creative staff or need complete content creation services, Flatsoft Services and Cloud Advertising Solutions can help. Our team understands the essentials of communicating effectively. It has to be high impact, efficient and targeted. They are master wordsmiths and talented illustrators, who will work with you to plan, design, create, deploy, and maintain high-quality content for your digital signage and outdoor advertising deployment ensuring your communication goals are met. With Flatsoft Cloud advertising solutions, We offer borderless and efficient digital promotion management and outdoor advertising deployment as well as  maintenance packages regionally to ensure your message and offers stay relevant and timely. For instance, with a simple click from Europe, we can run a high impact and targeted advertising campaign with your brand on the whole down town building which is digitally wrapped with display in Jakarta.


Assessments and site surveys

Our technologist & crew will meet with your stakeholders to determine needs and understand challenges at hand—including visiting actual locations that make the most sense for digital implementation.


Design and implementation

Solutions are crafted and customized to suit your unique needs. We’ll listen, research, and present options intended to help you drive results and meet the goals you want to achieve. Once Flatsoft Cloud advertising architecture meets your approval, we’ll schedule necessary installations based on your go-live dates.


Installation and service

Local & regional installations and services coverage are custom-configured to suit the needs of your business. As a partner in your advanced communication and marketing goals, we can provide service and support to specific locations, regional geographic areas, or even manage your entire regional digital signage and advertising operation—seamlessly, and without the hassle of dealing with multiple vendors and service providers. The Flatsoft Cloud advertising will handle as the single platform.


Content development and creation

Once we understand your goals, we’ll turn it over to our Content Creation team so they can develop communications that drive results. We can build customized templates or create fully developed digital signage and outdoor advertising campaign for your organization on the public venues and buildings. The content developed will be based on your approved brand look and feel, so it’s tightly integrated with your other brand communications.


Content management via Flatsoft CLOUD 

Let our team of digital display masters manage the scheduling and display of your content. We’ll seamlessly administer your content on your behalf, saving you both time and resources. Thru’ Flatsoft Cloud advertising solution, a Content Management team will ensure maximum uptime with training, designated architecture maintenance (including updates and upgrades), and troubleshooting. We will host the content and ensure it’s distributed to the networked displays as scheduled.


Financing/Subscription via Flatsoft CLOUD

We make the process easy. From global advanced solutions to local installations, our team of financial & technology consultants can create a financing package at competitive rates with maximum simplicity. With our proprietary Flatsoft Cloud advertising solutions,  the coverage is global including Asia, Europe, Latin America, North America, Africa, and Australia. Flatsoft CLOUD advertising allows clients to book a display equipment instantly at any scale for their campaigns and needs without having to invest in the hardwares and technologies. It is available as per use and as per their own suscribed schedule.

More information about Flatsoft Cloud Advertising here.


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