What do you and your friends want to learn and share about the United States of America?  Experience America at the @america center in Pacific Place Mall, Jakarta, Indonesia.

The @america center is the only one in the world. With high technology, and friendly e-guides, you are able explore and express yourself about America in a new way. (Picture: Flatsoft F380i+FAS 2×2)

@ America is an initiative supported by the US Embassy in Jakarta that puts an edgy, 21st-century twist on public diplomacy. The facilities include interactive games and videoconferencing. Touch-interactive screens hang on the walls throughout the center. By standing in the midst of seven of these monitors wrapped in a semicircle or they called it as “Liquid Galaxy” , visitors can virtually walk inside Disney’s Magic Kingdom or stand in center field at Yankee Stadium.

The @america center is designed to begin and continue a conversation between Indonesians, who are one of the largest moderate muslim population in the world, and Americans on a variety of interesting topics. Daily exhibits, events and activities are planned for your knowledge and entertainment.

Implementation: (2×2 video wall configuration) consists of 4 panels of F380i+FAS Seamless was setup in December of 2010 @america center as part of large high-definition digital signage.  With FAS feature, it allows easy maintenance without removing the screens, as technician will have “infinite access” from the front to rear side of system, in short, FAS features minimize cost & down time. The digital signage display setup shown in picture above is a 2×2 video wall configuration which equals to 2 meter x 1.6 meter in total length & height of active display area. In turn, that results in its highest display quality at native resolution of 2,732 x 1,536 (4.2 Million Pixels “Mega high definition display”).

Article courtesy of @america, Embassy of United States, & Jakarta Globe News,
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